Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Incredibles

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Hello students!

Here you are some questions to do
 while you are watching The Incredibles!

  1. What's Elastigirl's name?
  2. What are the children's names?
  3. What can Mr Incredible do?
  4. What can Elastigirl do?
  5. What can the girl do?
  6. What can the boy do?
  7. What can the baby do?
  8. What's the enemy's name?
  9. And his secretary's name?
  10. What's Mr Incredible's best friend's name?
  11. What can he do?
  12. What colour is Mr Incredible's first car?
  13. What does the boy on the bicycle say when Mr Incredible hits his car?
  14. What does Mr Incredible's boss put in order?
  15. What does the short woman called Edna make?
Now there's some time to play!
Here you are 2 games about the Incredibles!
Click on them, get ready and play!