Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Trees

Families are different from one another and so family trees as well.

Have a look at The Simpsons Family Tree.

Homer is Lisa's father --------------------------- Lisa is Homer's daughter.
Marge is Bart's mother -------------------------- Bart is Marge's son.
Maggie is Bart's sister --------------------------- Bart is Maggie's brother.
Homer is Marge's husband----------------------- Marge is Homer's wife.
Herb is Lisa's uncle ------------------------------ Lisa is Herb's niece.
Selma is Bart's aunt ----------------------------- Bart is Selma's nephew.
Abraham is Maggie's grandfather ---------------- Maggie is Abraham's granddaughter
Abraham and Mona are Bart's grandparents ----- They are Abraham and Mona's grandchildren

Who are the rest?