Monday, October 21, 2013

To Be

1. Complete the sentences. Use I’m, You’re, He’s, She’s, It’s, We’re or They’re.
a. My father is in bed. He’s tired.
b. Look at that dog. _______very old.
c. My sister and I are at home. ________alone.
d. My mother and father are not at work. _________at the gym.
e. How are you? ________fine, thank you.
f. _________lucky. You’ve got many friends.
g. My uncle is ill. _________ at the doctor.
h. My name is Mary. __________13 years old.

2. Complete George’s sentences. Use ’m not, isn’t, or aren’t.
a. Kate isn’t thirteen. She’s fourteen.
b. Kate _____ my sister. She’s my friend.
c. We __________Spanish. We’re French.
d. I _______ fourteen. I’m thirteen.
e. It __________Saturday. It’s Monday.
f. They _________on the beach. They are at home.
g. You _________the captain, I am!
h. They__________ in the photo, they are in Madrid

3. Fill in the blanks with am, is or are.

a. _______the tree tall?   Is the tree tall?
b. _______I famous?
c. Sue and Ellen ________sisters.
d. My bicycle ________blue.
e. ________there pictures in the classroom?
f. It _________Saturday. The teachers __________not at school today.
g. The parks in the city _________beautiful.
h. I __________not in Canada.