Saturday, November 7, 2020

To Be


1. Complete the sentences. Use I’mYou’reHe’sShe’sIt’sWe’re or They’re.
a. My father is in bed. He’s tired.
b. Look at that dog. _______very old.
c. My sister and I are at home. ________alone.
d. My mother and father are not at work. _________at the gym.
e. How are you? ________fine, thank you.
f. _________lucky. You’ve got many friends.
g. My uncle is ill. _________ at the doctor.
h. My name is Mary. __________13 years old.

2. Complete George’s sentences. Use ’m notisn’t, or aren’t.

a. Kate isn’t thirteen. She’s fourteen.
b. Kate _____ my sister. She’s my friend.
c. We __________Spanish. We’re French.
d. I _______ fourteen. I’m thirteen.
e. It __________Saturday. It’s Monday.
f. They _________on the beach. They are at home.
g. You _________the captain, I am!
h. They__________ in the photo, they are in Madrid

3. Fill in the blanks with amis or are.

a. _______the tree tall?   Is the tree tall?
b. _______I famous?
c. Sue and Ellen ________sisters.
d. My bicycle ________blue.
e. ________there pictures in the classroom?
f. It _________Saturday. The teachers __________not at school today.
g. The parks in the city _________beautiful.
h. I __________not in Canada.